TAF Moonlight Carnival, December 2015

Karachi, Pakistan, December 26, 2015 – The name ‘Aiyla’ means ‘Moonlight’ and she is certainly a ray of beacon and bliss for everyone in the Akram family as well as everyone who knows her. Her beautiful name was the root of a unique concept and gave birth to our “TAF Moonlight Carnival”. Wasim and Shaniera Akram wanted to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday with the several orphanages the foundation has been supporting for a few years now.

The idea was to invite as many orphanages as we possibly could and create a day of laughter and joy for all the kids. As ‘The Akram Foundation (TAF)’ is heavily engaged in helping other charities, we invited Anjuman Hayatul Islam, Sirat-ul-Jannah, Shed Foundation and Sarim Burney Trust International at the Moin Khan Academy on Saturday, December 26, 2015. Over 400 orphans and 30 chaperones were provided a safe and secure venue with multiple attractions.

The attractions included 17 food options, 10 rides and an assortment of packed gifts from our generous contributors. TAF wanted to ensure that the children can let go of their already difficult lives at least for a single day and enjoy to their fullest. Every single attractions was on the house and we encouraged the many hesitant children to indulge in our delicious treats. The ‘Food Court’ consisted of Cupcakes, Corn Cobs, Cotton Candy, Bun Kababs, Kachori, Gulab Jamun, Chana Chat, Biryani, Juices, Milk Shakes and much, much more. On the other hand the rides included trampolines, jumping castles, soft climbs etc. Music and a DJ provided the right kind of background ambience to the event. A 20 pound cake with both the Pakistan and Australia flags on it was the highlight of the closing ceremony followed by lunch and presents.

Mr. and Mrs. Moin Khan were utterly generous with their contributions and aided in the success of the carnival. Moammar Rana along with his wife Mehnaz Rana made a special appearance and Mr. Rana’s heavy bike entry certainly proved to be a hit with the kids. Along with our notable patrons including Hilal Foods (Pvt.) Limited , Dilnaz Avari, J., Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, Mona Rameez and Wajiha Afridi, the foundation was able to pull off a successful funfair for all the children. TAF made certain that each child upon his/her return had a bag load of gifts which would have not been possible without our philanthropic and magnanimous patrons. A special thank you to all the volunteers who made this day what it was and to all these young hearts, the foundation salutes your spirit of giving.

The event commenced at 02:00 PM and ended at 06:00 PM in the evening with a ton of smiles. The foundation will not be able to forget the delight of the kids who walked back to their buses with their presents. Team TAF is in debt to the many friends and well-wishers who visited the day and made their munificent contributions. TAF aspires to continue with this tradition each year and hopes to see you all again on Aiyla Akram’s second birthday next year.

If you, your family, friends or your organization is interested in donating towards the future of these children, feel free to donate to your hearts’s content via our PayPal account mentioned below. If you wish to #JoinTAF as a volunteer, we request you to kindly fill out the Registration Form available online.

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