Chitral Valley – Education Funds with Dilnaz Avari

14993476_690594761106346_3400791499259498_nDilnaz Avari together with The Akram Foundation (TAF) have come together to rebuild the future of the Chitral valley by giving a chance to its hardworking students to dream and pursue higher studies. With education they have the chance to rebuild, reshape their lives and safeguard the future of generations to come. Donate to the cause and ‘Help Us Help Pakistan’!

Sirat-ul-Jannah Orphanage

The_Akram_Foundation_Orphanage_With_Love_From_TAF_December_2015_4Over 350 children lovingly call Mrs. Gufran Qureshi, ‘Mummy Ji’ who has been running this establishment for over 20 years now. The Sirat-ul-Jannah Orphanage is home to orphans, runaways and mistreated. Living together as a family these infants, kids, pre-teens and teens have found a sanctuary under Mrs. Qureshi’s nurturing love and care. You too can help these children overcome their past, and struggles and become respectable members of the society. Donate to the orphanage and ‘Help Us Help Pakistan’!

Gift of Life – Drinking Water Plants

GirlDrinkingWaterJewel of human existence is water and in the most unfortunate of fates,our country lacks this precious gem. The Akram Foundation has taken the responsibility to bringing clean, drinking water to the people where needed the most. When you decide to join hands with our cause you will be on the forefront of the project and whether it’s you, your family or your company, the name will be imprinted for generations to come.

Bint-e-Fatima – Old Home Trust

Bint_E_Fatima_Old_Home_TrustThe Akram Foundation never leaves a dear one behind – those forgotten by others are taken in by the Bint-e-Fatima, Old Home Trust. The ladies are cared for back to a sense of dignity and individuality. Join our cause and you will become the lifeline of many desolates. Support our old home trust and help us, help the old, the meagre and the distort. Together we can give them a new home, a new life, a new dream.

NASRA School, Karachi, Pakistan

NasraSchoolEstablished in 1949, NASRA school system  has become a beacon of hope and ambitions for millions of children around the country. And The Akram Foundation has taken the responsibility to keeping its vision and mission alive. Join hands with our cause and you will be single handedly fuelling the future of this nation.

The Akram Trophy – Cup of Pride

tat-imgComing Soon – 2016!