Mission & Message

Our number one objective behind the Akram Foundation was to establish value for life. Thousands of people in our country are fighting to survive through hunger, sickness, illiteracy, abuse and rejection and here is where we institute the principles of our foundation to help them find peace and a sense of individuality in the society.

We assist people who are at their breaking points and are in need of not only financial help but also moral support in order to retain their spirit and identity. We work together as a family to assist remote areas of the region and bring together possibilities for sanitation, education, clean drinking water and emergency response when needed.

Working locally for almost a decade we now intend to expand our horizon and bring about changes that effect more than just a community. The Akram Foundation aims to mobilize resources and address nationwide issues and needs.

From time to time we have seen the need for immediate resources and attention within the country and the foundation seeks to become an accountable humanitarian service in when looked-for. What we do is held publicly and we feel responsible for the proper use of the funds gathered, our financials are displayed every year for reference for anyone who hopes to join our cause.

We envision a society where people find security and dignity without any discrimination to caste, color or creed. Regardless of their gender, race, religion, class or political affiliation we aim to bring out communities from horrors of disasters and crises. Bringing relief and recovery hand in hand the Akram foundation is ready to face developmental challenges and creating equal opportunities for all.

The Akram Foundation supports the disadvantaged, marginalized, and vulnerable and enables them to voice their needs.

We continue to thank all those who volunteered and helped to raise funds for us in the past years for our local causes and look forward to the same for our future mission.

Wasim and Shaniera Akram